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Ay madre! If you were looking for full - on mamacita action then the mysterious, gorgeous, and 100% Latina goddess Citah is the model for you. This Mexican beauty takes the concept of the perfect round ass to a new level of heavenly perfection and that is only the start of her arsenal of sexually deadly weapons. Born in the beautiful state of Sinaloa, Mexico, Citah has it all; the full lips, the smooth, sensual coffee - colored skin tone, the long dark hair, deep brown eyes, and big round mamacita boobs. Meanwhile, her gorgeous bubble butt is shaped to perfection and should be entered into the Hall of Fame of Perfect Latina Asses. This hottie has been setting the internet on fire in the Spanish - speaking world but get ready America and Europe because she is on a mission to conquer you all with only a deadly smile and an ass that makes guys and girls lose all power in the knees. Into girls, guys, and every combination of the two, nothing can hold her back. Most of her videos are in the sexy Spanish language with that musical Mexican tone adding even more spice and sabor to her work. We can’t wait to hear her speak English with that gorgeous accent though. Citah is a true daughter of Mexico and loves to sing and dance, both the old traditional tunes and dance steps as well as modern music, rap, hip - hop and whatever butt - twerking dance craze is the flavor of the moment. This sweet and sexy goddess has a huge career ahead of her and we will be watching all the way.

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