Isabella Sanz

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Isabella Sanz
23 years old
Birth Place
Body Type
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Medium Natural Tits
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Medium Ass
Isabella Sanz is a sensational newcomer to the adult entertainment scene. This Latina is already making very sexy waves across the industry with co - stars lining up to be featured with her in her next production. Colombia is known for its incredibly hot women and Isabella stands out from the crowd even by these standards. A native of gorgeous Cartagena, this hottie can do no wrong, at least as far as we are concerned. Her perfectly round mamacita ass, heavenly medium - sized tits, long dark hair, beautifully tanned skin tone, and hypnotic brown eyes all come together to make your perfect Latina fantasy come true. Isabella has always been interested in modeling and was naturally curious to explore her own sexuality in the form of adult entertainment. Her work to date is mostly girl - guy and is always unbelievably passionate and sensual. We can't wait to see where her career takes in the future with girl - on - girl, threesomes, and more on the horizon. This incredible young talent has spoken openly about her desire to go further and deeper in her chosen career but has kept the juicy details a closely guarded secret for now. Something tells us that no matter what it is she has in store for her growing army of fans, it's going to absolutely blow our minds. Although Isabella clearly loves her onscreen work she makes sure to have plenty of downtime as well. With the level of intensity, she delivers in every performance we know she needs it. Her interests include traveling, cooking and entertaining friends and family, and pursuing her side hobby of photography.