Mamacitaz.com membership includes access to streaming and downloads from 5 different channels, amounting to well over 400 scenes, with several monthly releases. You also have the ability to like, comment, create playlists and access exclusive discounts to our partners’ sites.

mamacitaz.com is part of our 6 networks; Letsdoeit.com, Doegirls.com, Mamacitaz.com, AmateurEuro.com, Vipsexvault.com and TransBella.com. As a member, you can unlock these additional members from our member’s area. Better yet, you can sign up to our “Mega Pass”, which gives you access to all 6 networks, which includes a total of 45+ different sites.

Yes, of course! We understand not every person is into every kind of kink, so we also have made it possible for you to select the Mega-Pass when joining OR you can choose instead to unlock networks individually. The Mega Pass is the best price if you want to see everything, but if you only want access to a few of the sites or networks you can choose those at a lower cost. It’s all up to you!

Yes, of course you can! Keep in mind that trial accounts have limited capabilities and do not reflect all of the features included with a full membership. For example a trial account won’t allow you to download videos the way a full account does.

We release several movies per month; anywhere between 1 and 4.

Our longest movies range between 45 to 55 minutes and the average movie length is between 30 to 45 minutes. Solo movies are shorter, ranging between 10 to 20 minutes. These are all high quality full-length premium porn videos better than anything you’ll ever see on tubes and free sites. We aren’t just showing you previews, with your membership here, you get to see it all! 

Yes. Downloaded videos are stored to your device and can be accessed at any time without an Internet connection. You do need the internet while downloading, or streaming, just like you would for Youtube or any other online video service.

Favorite videos will be saved on the site in your “Favorites” list, located in the profile section. We additionally offer a “My List” feature, which enables you to create different themed lists with your favorite videos. Fans love these features because you can create a variety of playlists and then come back and watch whatever you are in the mood for most any time you want to cum your best!

We offer our members the ability to delete comments by simply clicking the “X” icon next to the comment. Deleting comments can only be done when logged into your account. That way you are always in control of what you watch or post.

No. Cancelling your account will simply cut your access to view full videos and use features on the site; you will still have access to the member’s area. In turn, comments are not deleted, as the account is still considered “active” so you don’t lose your friends on the site or the sense of community and you can always renew your account again at any time.

Yes, your information is safe with us. We use world renowned payment processors licensed by VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and all other major local payment options to keep your data as secure as any other site in the world.

Absolutely not! We value our consumers’ privacy and in no way, shape or form would we ever divulge such information. Transactions will appear as ALL 4 HEALTH on your statement and nobody but you will ever know you joined our site unless you tell them.

We offer several payment methods on our join form. Availability can change based on your location. if any specific payment method that is not available in your area, feel free to contact our support team for additional details: [email protected]

Yes, you can cancel your membership easily at any time by directly contacting our authorized payment processor or by contacting our support team: [email protected]. We make it easy because we only want people here who actually want to be here. We are a real community and value every person who chooses to be part of our sites online.

Cancellation is processed within seconds of you contacting either our authorized biller or support team and your membership remains active until the end of your paid activation period.

Depending on the reason of your account getting blocked, it can be as easy as; verifying your email, confirming a PIN number sent through mail, contacting our support team or simply resetting your password.

Your password can be changed by following the recovery password link https://mamacitaz.com/recover-password.nl.html or contacting us.

The easiest and most efficient way to contact our support team is by email; [email protected]

Everywhere! We are very proud to have production houses based in Germany, Colombia, Spain, the Czech Republic and the United States. You’ll love the variety of styles, cultures and beautiful people represented in these videos!

Webmasters and affiliates can sign up to doe.cash to promote Letsdoeit and its networks. For any other marketing and promotion related inquiries, contact our marketing department: [email protected].

We are very meticulous with our casting and currently only use trusted agencies, especially during the Covid pandemic. At the current time, we are not taking any applicants but if you want to pursue a career in porn we applaud you. Your first step should be to find a reliable professional agent who works in the industry.

All the memberships are allowed 25 downloads per month using a "rolling period" which applies per each network independently with a limitation of up to 4 downloads per day. Downloads will unlock throughout the month after 30 days since the time of each download. At 30 minutes or more per movie that's about 750 minutes of porn per month, and because of the rolling periods it actually works out to more like 1,250 minutes per month usually. More porn than your dick can possibly handle! Here is an example of how the rolling period process works on our site: If you download 2 videos on the 10th of the month and 3 videos on the 15th then your downloads will be awarded as follows: 2 on 10th of the next month and 3 on 15th of the next month.

Yes, each movie comes with it's own photo set.

The trial membership allows you to unlock any 2 video(s) you choose. The trial membership doesn’t allow downloads. It is intended to be a sample and you can always upgrade to a full membership at any time.

All our videos are provided in crisp HD quality using the MP4 standard.

We support all major browsers but for the best experience we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox.

You may be using the wrong username/password combination to log in. Check the purchase confirmation email received from the payment processor upon signing up if you don't recall your credentials. If you can’t find it, try checking your email account's spam folder.

It is also possible that your account may have been compromised or had the password changed. We use a strict anti-fraud system and the password can still be changed if the intruder also has access to the user’s e-mail address that was used to register the membership. If you ever have any issues with login, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you quickly.